Tips on Boarding the Austrian Railways of Europe

Like much of Europe, the communications and transportation mechanisms of Austria, such as the famous Austrian railways, are famously well-developed and sophisticated. Besides having a thorough web of quality roads, the country’s railroad system is impeccable, having been designed for the transportation of large numbers of people throughout the region to various destinations. If you’re used to a wide open country like America with a poor public transportation web, the sheer density of the Austrian railways can be quite a marvel.

Besides making it easier to get from place to place, Austrian railways also boast a punctual schedule and great comfort of travel that can make a train a good way to unwind while getting from one place to the next on time. If you want a truly top-notch experience, you can select a train such as the EuroCity or InterCity, which provide first-class level accommodations for a luxurious trip you won’t want to ever end. This even includes compartment-specific service! Of course, getting a seat on a luxury train is quite expensive, and if you’re looking to save a bit of money, the less high-class of Austrian railways are still extremely comfortable.

Besides servicing businessmen who travel quite a bit, the Austrian railways are designed for the benefit of tourists, too. The major cities are connected, of course, but so are popular tourist destinations. Going from Munich to Budapest and then to Venice is a snap on the Austrian railways, and certainly less of a hassle than driving the roads with a rented car. The Austrian railways cater so much to tourists in their convenience that it’s a very rare visitor who doesn’t preferentially make use of them over alternative means of transportation. The trains are accustomed to going over country lines frequently, which is quite a change of pace for Americans who are used to crossing borders being a great big nuisance.

If you’re taking an international train on the Austrian railways, or even one of the better Austria-specific trains, you can expect to enjoy dining cars for the express purpose of meals. And almost all trains in the Austrian railways will offer up a variety of minor refreshments such as beverages and snacks, making your trip relaxing and enjoyable (as well as profitable to the railways). Between train rides, if you have nothing better to do than wait around for your next train, the Austrian railways are kind enough to provide lounges. These spacious facilities offer a variety of activities and refreshments to keep you occupied while you wait. But, as mentioned early, the Austrian railways do an excellent job of adhering to schedule, so you most likely won’t have to wait long.

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