The Best Gaming Monitor 2019

When it comes to gaming monitors and finding the best gaming monitor to suit your needs, there is many different factors that can convince you to purchase one monitor over another. To output high quality graphics on the monitor, you will also need a powerful gaming computer to compliment the monitors that you decide to get.

The first thing we look for in a monitor is the size of the panel and the resolution produced. The newest generation in 2016 have resolutions of 2560 by 1440. These are known as WQHD monitors. You will experience a much sharper images on the screen, however you will also need a powerful graphics card to support such monitors. When going larger than the 27 inch monitors, you can look for 30-inch or 34-inch solutions. The larger ones will take up much more space, but also allow for UHD which will provide a 3840 by 2160 resolution.

The next important factors we will look at are the pixel response and the refresh rate. A refresh rate of a monitor is the amount of times it will refresh in a second. The refresh rate is measured in Hz and most gamers look for monitors with 120Hz or higher. These monitors will give you a much quicker reaction time, since you will be able to react faster. This can be key for FPS style games, or when you are required to react fast to moving images on the screen. When it comes to pixel response, you should look for 2ms or less. This will provide a much smoother moving image.

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Below we will provide a review of our top 3 gaming monitors of difference panel sizes. A 24, 27 and 28 inch will be shown.

Acer B286HK

This monitor is really something from the future. Providing a UHD picture supporting 4K imagery, this monitor will really last you a very long time. Acer is an outstanding brand and has created a very simple but powerful product.

The design is very basic. A black color scheme is used throughout. It weighs around 18 pounds. It contains mounting holes on the backside, so you can mount to any wall you desire. You can adjust the stand to swivel and rotate to suit your preference of viewing angle. The hinge used also allows for a portrait view, so it can be rotated an entire 90 degrees.

The performance is really where the B286HK stands out. It has a 2ms response rate, perfect for gaming with a very low input lag. Supporting a maximum resolution of 3840 by 2160, if you have a graphics card to support it you really can max out some beautiful imagery on this amazing monitor. The refresh rate is slightly lower than other competing brands but is still sufficient at 60Hz which is the standard among-st most gaming monitors.

Asus ROG Swift PG278Q

Sitting at 27 inches. The ROG Swift PG278Q is another excellent choice. Slightly smaller than the Acer monitor at only 27 inches, it is one inch short of its competitor.

The monitor design like most is very simple. With a matte black cabinet storing the more interesting parts. It’s 2.5 inches thick. The mounting arm allows for tilting, swiveling and rotation of the monitor throughout a large range of motion, so you can view it from many different angles. Similar to the B286HK you can rotate it 90 degrees, to view it in portrait mode.

The PG278Q utilizes nVidias G-Sync technology. This helps reduce tearing from the monitor, therefore you’re monitor will stay in sync with your graphics card. This also creates more input lag for the monitor, which is a small downside, however stuttering of the image is greatly reduced, so overall you will be better off.

The ROG Swift supports a 2560 by 1440 maximum resolution and a 1080p video format. The aspect ratio is maintained at 16:9. The G-Sync technology allows for a 144Hz refresh rate, which is amazing, making this monitor perfect for FPS players. The pixel response rate is 2ms.


Our last selected monitor, which is the smallest, but by no means the worst performance wise is the G2460PQU developed by AOC. It is also the cheapest of the three.

Similar to the other two from a design perspective, it has a matte black cabinet holding the 24 inch panel. It weighs in at just over 12 pounds and is 2 inches thick. You can’t tilt the cabinet forward and backwards as much as the other two monitors, however you can rotate the monitor a full 90 degrees to portrait mode. The height is also adjustable to suit your needs.

When it comes to performance, this monitor will blow your mind. It has a 1ms pixel response which is the quickest of the three. It also features a 144Hz refresh rate, so you can really enjoy an extremely sharp and smooth gaming experience using this monitor, with a lack of motion blur. Colors are very accurate on this model and the only downside is the input lag at 26.5 ms. It has a 1920×1080 maximum resolution and supports 1080p video format.

Certainly for the price this monitor provides best value for money, with very few cons.

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