How To Choose The Best Shredder

In response to the growing need for protection from identity thieves, more and more business machines are being introduced to the market. The increased risk throughout the years has led to more and more people preferring to use shredders in the privacy of their homes. To select the best shredder, it is crucial to understand the options available to make an educated, best-value purchase. We have compiled some information but Delicious are the real experts in paper shredders.

1. Security Levels
– when it comes to security, shredding machines are categorized into security levels where the higher the level, the more reduced the end products will be in terms of size. The security levels specified in different paper shredders are based on DIN 32757 standards (established by Deutsches Institut für Normung that translates to the German Institute for Standardization in English), as well as the federal government of the United States. Your choice of security should also depend on the confidentiality of the materials to be disposed of.

best paper shredder
  • Level 1: Strip Cut – offers the most basic security measure. Documents are cut lengthwise into 7/32” strips. This option provides shredding results that can offer poor information protection.
  • Level 2: Cross Cut – provides better security than level 1. With a standard cut size of 5/32” x 2”, shredding results to 300 particles out of a standard 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper. With a cross cut shredder, any file would become extremely difficult to piece together and read.
  • Level 3: Micro Cut – ideal for shredding documents at home and small offices, as recommended by experts including New York Times technology writer Sam Grobart. With a standard cut size of 5/64”x5/16”, a micro shredder can turn a sheet of paper into over 3,700 particles.
  • Level 4: High Security (Companies)– is government approved and designed for disposing of confidential documents essential to the foundation and existence of a Company. With a 1/32” x 3/16” cut size, a 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper can easily be reduced into 15,000 bits and pieces.
  • Level 5: High Security (Government and Research)—with cross cut shred dimensions of 1/32 x 7/16”, this level of security works best for dealing with the destruction of secret documents within government offices as well those containing information on important researches.
  • Level 6 – this level offers the highest, most secure protection and is often used in high security eradication of top secret files. With cross cut shred dimensions of 1/32 x 3/16”, paper shredders with this specification is at the top level of security ratings used in the U.S. ranging from 1 to 6.

2. Equipment Performance – When shopping for the right paper shredder for your small office or home needs, there are  three crucial performance factors to consider – size and sheet capacity, machine speed, run time, and  versatility. The compactness and size of the equipment and how much documents it can handle at a time will depend on how many people will be using the shredder and where it will be placed. Run times refer to the length of time that the machine can operate continuously before needing to cool down. The run time or duty cycle should be based on how long the shredder will be used each day. Machine Speed is the pace with which paper shredders can shred a paper bundle entirely, a specification measured in feet per minute. And lastly, it is essential to look for a shredder that can accommodate all your additional needs. There are shredders specifically manufactured to shred other materials than paper like CDs or DVDs, and even credit cards.

3. More Features – not all shredders are created equal and one factor that sets them apart from another is the set of  additional features they have. Beyond the primary technical specifications mentioned above, these features should also be  considered:

Jam Proof – the #1 frustration that shredder users experience when shredding documents is paper jams. To  address this, look for technologies that can easily reverse if not totally prevent such problems. Anti-jam  technologies not only prevents paper jamming and save users from all the inconvenience that such incidence  brings, but also ensures a smooth workflow for a faster and more efficient completion of the job.

Ultra Quiet Shredding – for optimal shredding experience, looking for sound minimizing technologies make sense.

Energy Efficient – for more and more professionals and small businesses, energy efficiency has become a  must  when buying machines and equipment. An energy efficient shredder increases productivity within your  home,  and sustainability within the community. Energy consumption savings will also equate to monetary savings in the long run.
Safety feature – working with a shredder can become dangerous in the presence of little kids and even danger – prone adults who mindlessly go about their jobs. Built-in safety features can help promote safety even when working with equipment that are meant to destroy documents. These features come in many shapes and forms from specially designed safety covers to something more technologically advanced like sensors that detect hands touching the opening and automatically shut the machine off.

Why You Should Shred Documents

According to a survey conducted by the FTC or Federal Trade Commission, 2016 recorded that a total of 3.7% of the adult population fell victim to identity theft. This equates to a staggering figure of an estimated 8.3 million American consumers, in various states.

Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes that America faces. Did you know that victims reported that 88% of the personal information collected was stolen from the dumpster? Beyond all the trash, your garbage can be a chock-full of important papers that may reflect some of your most personal information. Dumpster diving thieves can collect pre-approved credit card offers and bills where complete home address, telephone number, email address, bank account information, social security number, employment history and other information can be extracted.

With information becoming a highly valued commodity, the increasing importance of document and credit card shredding has become more prevalent. But aside from making it next to impossible for dumpster divers to plunder and potentially use your information, there are more reasons to get your own paper shredder. Your shredder can be your partner in efficiently clearing up the clutter in your home office and entire home, boosting productivity and creativity. It is also a must to comply with document destruction legislation.
Basically, your small business and home should make it a practice to shred documents to safely dispose of credit card and confidential printed data, as well as prevent identity theft. Your business does not have to be a health institution or a financial company, taking responsibility for managing the proper disposal of confidential documents takes your business and personal life at a higher level with optimal privacy protection.

Rice Cooker Reviews

        We’re here today to inform you of some of the best rice cookers today. After you read this article, you’ll see why we think they are the best rice cookers on the market.

                        Best Budget Rice Cooker

            Price: $ 26.00 on Amazon.com. If you happen to be looking for a great rice cooker, but you’re a little short on cash because of the holidays, we’ve got a great rice cooker for you. Not only is this rice cooker awesome, it’s also great for the price. It is very wallet friendly and that’s always a plus. It comes with a basket that is for rinsing your rice or for steaming foods in your cooker. There is a removable inner pot, which is also nonstick. It is very easy to clean as well. It will cook up to eight cups of rice.

            This rice cooker is very easy to use. There is a button that turns on the cooker and you can begin cooking. Simple as that. The moment that your rice is finished cooking, there is an automatic switch that is flipped to and it will keep your rice warm and waiting on you.

            This cooker can also cook whole grains. It can also use the steamer basket to make veggies or fish as well. To clean easily, the cooking bowl and the basket can be washed in the dishwasher. They’re 100% dishwasher safe. The lid, however, is not, so just hand wash it. This cooker has a handle and its easy to move. There is a measuring cup and a rice paddle too. If you’re looking for a deal, this is it!! Hands down, one of the best rice cookers out there.

            Best Multitasker: Instant Pot V3 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

            Price: 8 quart $99.00 on Amazon.com. Some people do not cook a lot of rice during the week, but they want a good cooker for rice and other meals. If they were top buy a rice cooker and a pressure cooker separately, that would be a waste of money. Well they can buy this rice cooker and its also a pressure cooker too. You can make rice, but use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and more. That’s a great appliance with many jobs.

            This is the newest model the company put out. There are settings for eggs, which is very common for this type of cooker. A cake button is even better. It can pressure cook a meal for up to 240 minutes maximum. This rice cooker is very quiet too. It will beep when your rice is finished, and you can put it on silent mode. You can delay your cooking time for up to 24 hours. There is a keep-warm feature as well, to keep your rice warm up to ten hours. The inside is stainless steel and its dishwasher safe as well.

            You’ve gotten information on two models of rice cookers. There are more on the market, which will be the next article too.

Hoover Windtunnel T Series Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Hoover WindTunnel T Series Rewind has an array of features including a powerful motor capable of great suction combined with other innovative designs. The advanced Windtunnel technology funnels dirt through air passages and traps it in the dirt container without blowing debris, pet hair and other dander around. There are also other accessories included with the Hoover Windtunnel that showcase this vacuum as the best vacuum cleaner.

Hoover UH70120 Design

The Hoover UH70120 vacuum is 16 by 12 by 44 inches and weighs 16.5 pounds. The unit is easily manoeuvred via the comfort-grip handle and features a no-scuff bumper so it doesn’t leave any marks on your baseboards. The 13 1/2 inch wide nozzle combined with a five-position carpet-height adjustment setting make the Hoover Wind Tunnel T Series an efficient, powerful vacuum cleaner. The 27-foot cord on the Hoover T-series is integrated into the base unit for easy retraction when done vacuuming; while an embedded removable and washable HEPA filter reside below the cord retraction unit. There are also other accessories built into the Hoover WindTunnel T Series Rewind to assist the user in cleaning hard to reach places, crevices and other areas. A 12-foot Extension Wand connects to the pre-existing 8-foot hose to allow the person to connect the supplied crevice tool or upholstery/dusting brush if necessary.

hoover uh70120 vacuum cleanerHoover WindTunnel UH70120 Vacuum Function

The Hoover WindTunnel T series rewind is powered by 12 amps and is capable of Dual Cyclonic Action via the WindTunnel technology. The Dual Cyclonic Action also allows this specific vacuum to never lose suction power even when the debris container is full. The spacious 13 1/2 inch wide nozzle allows the user to clean a wide area quickly. The included accessories also offer an easy cleaning experience; the crevice accessory tool allows the user to clean in corners, between couch cushions, baseboards and other hard to reach areas, while the upholstery/dusting brush allows the person to clean drapes, lamp shades, curtains and other delicate items throughout the home.

Hoover WindTunnel T Series Rewind Customer Reviews

One happy owner noted they really enjoy the quiet operation of the Hoover Windtunnel yet it’s still capable of picking up a lot of dirt from the carpet. The customer commented that they were shocked when they first emptied the collection container after vacuuming; there was lots of pet hair, dirt and other grime that was removed from their carpets that was left behind by their previous vacuum. They were also pleased with how well the vacuum was able to turn and its ability to reach tight corners and crevices.

Other reviews noted that they enjoy the powerful suction of the Hoover T Series and have observed that it is capable of pulling deeply-embedded dirt out of carpets, as well as the ability to vacuum pet hair off hardwood floors without blowing the hair around everywhere. The automatic retractable cord is also a popular feature that everyone seems to rave about.

One more reviewer mentioned she was very pleased with the modest price tag of the Hoover Windtunnel considering how well it works when compared to more expensive vacuums. It does a great job vacuuming up pet hair from different surfaces including the couch when using the included tools. She was very happy with this vacuum and would buy it again.


The Hoover Windtunnel vacuum has many features worth considering for someone debating on which vacuum cleaner to purchase. There are many convenient features that are embedded into this unit such as the auto-cord rewind via the foot pedal and the integrated HEPA filter which assists the user in completing their cleaning tasks. While maintenance may seem like an issue for most vacuum cleaners, the Hoover Windtunnel is easily maintained. The HEPA filter may be removed from the unit and washed when needed, and a system-check indicator alerts the user when the filter needs to be cleaned. Also, there is a 2-year warranty included with this specific Hoover if the user ever requires service. If you are looking for an easy to maintain, easy to use the vacuum with plenty of suction power at a great price then the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum Bagless UH70120 is one you should consider.