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Why Women are the Internet Mainstream
By Devon Fleming

It's no surprise that women are leading the way online, given that women control global consumption in general. This article on TechCrunch has some great information and statistics.. Thank you to Aileen Lee, Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.  Aileen focuses on investing in early stage consumer internet ventures and previously  worked at Gap, Odwalla, The Northface and Morgan Stanley. I will simply add that she feels it's a secret women are leading the way and I disagree- it's no secret!  Read on..

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Social Media Marketing Tips
By Devon Fleming

Social Media is where all the internet "action" (traffic) is and if you are looking for clear-cut information to help you navigate this "jungle", I have the place! is one of the best sites for real, practical advice for creating, implementing and analyzing Social Media into your marketing efforts. Here are some highlights from their site: 

* 8 Tips for Running Social Media Promotions  * 5 Ways Online Businesses are Succeeding with Social Media

*How to Use the Facebook WordPress Plugin site *Hubspot is another great resource. Click Here to receive a Free EBook New Facebook Timeline Marketing for Businesses- a Step-by-Step guide!!

*Blogging is one of the best ways to push content out online- increasing your search engine results and increasing customers quickly!!

*Social Media Examiner is offering a Online Business-Building Workshop that offers Blogging Fundamentals for Businesses...

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Goldman Sachs Op Ed Highlights Morality+Integrity
By Devon Fleming

Like so many, I was disturbed to read the NYT piece by Mr. Smith, formerly of Goldman Sachs Why I am leaving Goldman Sachs… in the NYT Op Ed– a very public end to a very private bank.
I am not condoning this piece, but I will say that it brings up a very valid and controversial point about the decline in moral character in business and on Wall Street in general.

Please read this post written by a friend, collegeaue and former Goldman partner Jacki Zehner (the first/youngest female partner at GS)- she has a much better perspective than I: Jacki Zehner’s Blog  if you can't link to my entire article go to Devon Fleming Hearst Digital Media Blog